Driver SOS
4576 members
Got a question about car insurance, driving licence or learning to drive? We can help.
Blokes & Beauty
55 members
Let's be honest guys, we also want flawless skin and being well groomed bring all the girls to the yard.
Learn the Piano
Milton Keynes
104 members
Playing a musical instrument is so rewarding. The piano can take you to a place where you can feel happy. Try it.


Bodybuilding for Skinny Guys
78 members
Tired of being just skin & bones? Want to get bigger? Come learn how other skinny guys have done it.
Violin Noobies
23 members
It's not difficult to play the violin, you just need the right technique and a decent amount of practice.
Calm mind, happy life!
19 members
Only when you have tamed your mind that you are able to see things clearly and be happy all the time.

Local Events

Let's Meditate!
For one hour, we'll clear our heads from all the noise and re-energise our mind and body - Every Thursday at 7pm
Your Good Deeds
From feeding the homeless to helping out an older neighbour, come do your bit. - Every Monday at 6pm