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21 Jan 2010, published

If you already have a car here in the UK and you’re planning to move to Mauritius for good, then it might be worth considering shipping your car there. Sometimes you get really attached to your car and don’t want to leave it behind (well actually it’s more selling it on) or it could be more beneficial to just take the car with you instead of having to go there and not having your own transport.

Of course, you can move to this beautiful island and then search for another car to drive. Chances are that the local prices there are going to be a lot more than what you would pay in England. There is however a lot of fees involved when shipping a car and these need to be considered as well. Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before making your decision:

How long does it take to ship a car from UK to Mauritius?
The transit time when you ship your car from UK to Mauritius is around 35 days. The car would normally be delivered at Port-Louis harbour.

How much does it cost to ship a car from UK to Mauritius?
You have two options for that. You can either do it through roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) or by shipping it through a container. RO/RO is the cheaper option and prices start at £1355. This includes everything to get your car out of the UK (including customs clearance here) but excludes customs clearance in Mauritius.

How much is customs clearance for a car in Mauritius?
This depends on the make and model of the car being imported.

Things to consider before you ship your car to Mauritius

Try to find how much the exact same make and model cost back there. If there’s not much difference, it might be worth purchasing one when you get there. If you are a returning citizen of Mauritius, you will get concessions on the excise duty and VAT that needs paying on the vehicle. VAT is 15% flat and excise tax is as follows:

  • Up 550 cc – 15%
  • 551-1600 cc – 55%
  • 1601 cc and above – 100%

Left hand drive vehicles are not allowed in Mauritius and excise duty is calculated according to engine size and irrespective of age of vehicle or year of manufacture. The shipment cost quoted above includes marine insurance for your car whilst in transit.

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RODNEY   (Level 1)
14 Sep 2010 19:03

According to what you mention "if you are a returning citizen of Mauritius, you will get concessions on the excise duty and VAT that needs paying on the vehicle. VAT is 15% flat and excise tax is as follows: Up 550 cc – 15% 551-1600 cc – 55% 1601 cc and above – 100%". The excise tax and the VAT will be the only clearance cost at the port of entry. Suppose the engine size is 1300cc , a 55% charge applies, is it 55% of the purchasing price?

Vishal BARAH
Vishal BARAH   (Level 1)
18 Sep 2010 00:29

Do you do for truck or lorry as well of heavy vehicle please give me a complete quote if you can?

Jeff   (Level 1)
11 Jan 2011 18:25

I am looking forward to send a car for my parent as gift. Is the 55% excise tax charge on the buying price or the local value (Mauritius) of the car? I would appreciate if you could send me the best quote. I just want some one to collect it there in Port Louis without any extra charges. I shall take care of all charges from abroad. Regards, Jeff

Chumun Beekharry
Chumun Beekharry   (Level 1)
25 Feb 2011 06:36

Would you be able to quote examples of worked out figures on the purchase of 1. a new car, and 2. used car in Mauritius.

Ronny Mauree
Ronny Mauree   (Level 1)
28 Feb 2011 20:52

I'm on my way to return to mauritius for good and will like to bring my car with me. I've purchased the car 2 years ago, it's a bmw e92 and will like to know an approximate of how much I will be charged on the excise duty? I've been in united kingdom more than 10 years and have I'm also a citizen of mauritius!!

anonymous  (Level 2)
30 Sep 2012 23:35

In fact, driving your own car in a far away island like Mauritius, it's amazing although the shipping fees are also important and it often takes times and a long procedure to import your car. The important after that if you always want to drive your car in this paradise island, it's think and select the best shipping agent to make sure to receive your precious car safe and sound.


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