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Camper van insurance to tour Europe for 6 months with Australian licence

Hi - my husband and have bought a camper van to tour the UK and Europe for 3 months - we are both over 50. We have a full Australian licence with 3 years no claims bonus - the camper is registered in the UK. Is there a company that would insure us?

Tyronne De Silva
23 Sep 2013 21:54

License revoked for smoking weed and now need to do DVLA urine test

hi everyone, i have a little problem, i smoked weed a few days ago and in a week time i have an appointment with the doctor ,they are gonna take my blood and check if i have alchohol,so i wonder if i can fail the medical test if they find weed drug in my system

23 Sep 2013 16:53

Convertible that are low on insurance

Nissan Micra C+C
Daihatsu Copen
Fiat 500C

These are probably best bets for modern cars. You might be better off going for a retro classic, as a specialist broker, like Adrian Flux, is likely to have some good rates for these.

Mk1 Golf
Classic Mini or Beetle

23 Sep 2013 16:09

Do they test for drugs as well as alcohol during the DVLA medical?

Yes they do. They take blood and urine. They definitely test your urine for drugs but I''m not sure if what they check your blood for. I'm hoping it's just for alcohol (liver function). They take blood pressure and want to check your body for any scars? Random I know. Hope this helps.

23 Sep 2013 16:08

Banned for drink driving and caught again whilst being disqualified

OMG banned TWICE for drink driving you really should have learned your lesson from the first time, but twice well you really don't deserve your licence at all, what if you had hurt someone or more seriously killed them or even a child!!!! how stupid are you??? could you really live with yourself if you had killed or hurt someone??? people like you really make me sick and should be put in jail for a very long time, WHEN WILL PEOPLE LIKE YOU LEARN THAT DRINK DRIVING IS DANGEROUS AND MOST OF ALL STUPID!!! YOU IDIOT!!!

23 Sep 2013 16:06

Do they test for drugs as well as alcohol during the DVLA medical?

I have recently taken the medical I am not dependant on alcohol or drugs but i do ocasionally use both, I have been drinking less than 2 weekly last month but before that hadnt been out for months, the last time I smoked cannabis was ages ago and I did do some pills on new years eve.

I told all this to the doctor even though I could have lied because I know the drugs wont be in my system, when I say drugs I mean the pills new years eve so 9 months ago and a bit of weed ages ago. I am waiting on my results the doctor said he couldnt see a reason I wouldn't get my licence back but because of the admissions I made to my past they might request a drug test. What's your opinions people and for any one whos got a medical coming up I hope you find this usefull and I will let you know what happens next.

23 Sep 2013 15:41

Drug driving medical test

If you're talking about THC levels and your a regular smoker, (every day), then you could be looking at 90 days because it gets stored in your fat cells. If your an occasional smoker then it could be up to 30 days. There are no hard and fast rules. It all depends on your fitness, height, weight, metabolism, diet and amount of liquid you drink. Don't bother with any of those detox's, the consensus is they don't work. There is lots of info out there but that's the gist.

23 Sep 2013 15:23

new driver and been in court for drink driving do i need to resit any test?

You dont deserve a licence, its a privilege to have one, protect it with your life.

09 Sep 2013 22:21

Can a named driver on a fully comp insurance drive another vehicle with the owner's permission

What are the restrictions on named drivers when driving other cars?

21 Aug 2013 13:52

Need one month insurance on Malawian driving licence to drive car in the UK

Send your driving licence to DVLA first and they will give you 2 years.

20 Aug 2013 00:05

I'm disqualified & my vehicle has been seized, can I get insurance?

Easy fix! Get provisional insurance with collingwood because you don't officially own a licence and they allow 1 free named driver, really cheap try it.

02 Aug 2013 11:50

Can you get a provisional licence when on methadone?

hi did u get a provisional if your on a methodone programme I myself am on one and I have just applied im on 46ml and I have convinced myself that I will get my application refused please

02 Aug 2013 11:44

Multi drop driver with DR10 on licence, can I get job back after driving ban?

probly never best off emigrating
im in same boat for refusing a breath test after I was maced

02 Aug 2013 11:44

new driver and been in court for drink driving do i need to resit any test?

dont drink and drive. extended and i hope you fail. no excuse for drinking and driving

02 Aug 2013 11:43

How long to get money back in your account after cancelling driving test?

The DVLA take around 14 days to refund the money.

02 Aug 2013 11:42

Had accident during driving test and now instructor wants me to pay for damages

some drivers do charge 10pds for the first lesson. However, my instructor told me to pay 40pds for two hours.that was my first lesson.gave him the money, and by accident as I was starting his car, i broke the car key little bit where you handle to start the car. so he's saying to me to pay 80pds extra. what advice would you give to me plz?

02 Aug 2013 11:36

Filling in my form D46P for over 70s

i very recently sent in same form, but foolishly wrong, health questions are confusing, and got mine back, what i did, was where it says yes and no, i put a cross in box no, and proceeded to cross every condition, thinking i should because, i had none of those conditions, however when i studied the question properly, if you do not have any of said conditions, you leave boxes blank. not sure this will help, but hope some where along the line it has.

15 May 2013 13:06

First gear or neutral at traffic lights?

Neutral is the right course of action

15 May 2013 13:05

Do I need CBT to ride 125cc bike in Northern Ireland if I have full car driving licence?

some places say you don't need to take a cbt if you had a full car licence before 1990 just looked on the dvla site it just says scooter that is a 125 anything over that was a bike

P Gribben
10 May 2013 13:26

Someone parked their car in front of my house and blocked my driveway!!!

How to deal with such situations?

31 Dec 2014 13:51

How to delete a website from Google Analytics?

I need to remove a website from Google Analytics as we're no longer using this domain. Any ideas how to do this?

22 Sep 2013 17:45

Is it illegal to drive barefoot?

I'm not sure about it so I thought I'd just ask! If the police stops you and find you were driving barefoot, are you likely to get into trouble?

12 Sep 2013 16:02

Can I get a car on finance in my sister's name?

I have been refused finance but my sister has offered to get a car on finance for me. Is this possible?

13 Aug 2013 16:11

Instructor says I'm not ready for the test after 44 driving lessons with him

I booked my practical test but my driving instructor said that I cannot take the test in his car, all this after 44 lessons with him and another 13 lessons with another instructor 2 years previously. According to my instructor I'm not ready yet he wants me to do manoeuvres instead to improve my driving skills but I think the only reason why he denied me to take my test is that he want to have more money from me, because I have paid him in cash.

02 Aug 2013 11:32

Can I be a named driver on my son's policy whilst being insured in my own right for my own vehicle?

My son is getting his first car and I intended to be a named driver on his policy for possible occasional use. I am also insured in my own right for my vehicle and third party for other vehicles. Is it OK to be a named driver and, if so, what are the implications for my NCD if he claims on his policy.

15 May 2013 13:15

How to resize and watermark images in Photoshop?

I've just transferred photos from my digital camera onto my computer and I want to resize the pictures as they are too big and put a watermark on them as well before I put them on my website. What's an easy way to do this in Adobe Photoshop?

01 May 2013 15:49

How to batch rename file names in Photoshop?

I've got around 30 pictures in a folder and I would like to change the file names in batch instead of doing them individually. Is there a way to do this?

01 May 2013 12:48

I had an accident in my van but unknowingly I was not the registered keeper at the time, is my insurance valid?

I had the use of a van from work. I insured it in my name and was told by my boss he would register it in my name. I had an RTA. My insurer asked if I was the registered keeper...I said yes (as I believed I would be).

At the time of the RTA I was not officially the reg keeper. Will this be checked?

Please help as I'm in sick with stress over this matter.....

Thanks to anyone that can help

08 Apr 2013 14:35

How to change the ads placement on a Google Custom Search engine?

Just wanted to know whether you can choose where the ads will appear on a Google Custom Search engine (CSE) or whether you can remove them completely?

08 Apr 2013 13:58

Do you have to change names on car finance to become registered/legal owner?

Hi! I currently have a car that was bought for me after my last one blew up! :)

Because i travel 20 miles a day to work i needed a car that was reliable so my mum got me a brand new one on finance and at the time i was only 20 so i could not get finance in my name. Now i am nearly 22 and need to change the name on the DVLA documents into my name to reduce insurance costs, however the car is registered in her name because of the finance (it is a 5 year contract and 1 year has already elapsed). I was therefore wondering is there anyway the contract could be rewritten or put in my name. Im already paying the finance into her account and i have a good job so there would be no problem paying the money. I am currently registered as the main driver and it is only me on the insurance.

11 Sep 2012 11:27

Recently had the clutch and mass flywheel replaced why is my clutch making a rumbling noise until it is depressed and then it stops!

Hiya had a few problems with my ford mondeo it's a 2004 tdi, had an MOT which cost me over 500 quid to repair the fuel pipes and other bits then not even two weeks later the clutch went...or so I thought!

When I got it to the garage they told me the problem was caused by a valve which had blown and it would be nearly 900 quid to repair as they needed to change the flywheel as well!!! I was not impressed and got it taken somewhere else as to be honest, they had tried to tell me that the gearbox was a bit noisy and I should look at a new car before the MOT given that they were a car sales!!

Anyway I eventually got the job done for a lot cheaper but since they did it and replaced the clutch, the clutch makes a low rumbling sound until it is depressed and then it i'm being told it is probably the release lever or a bearing...shouldn't they have done this when they replaced the valve the clutch and the flywheel?

It now sounds terrible when driving and worse than before!

06 Sep 2012 12:39

How to change MySQL default port on Windows?

I want to change MySQL port from the default 3306 to something else to make my server more secure. How do I go about doing that?
21 Jun 2011 17:00

How to get rid of the FileZilla pop up window that appears everytime I log in?

I've just installed FileZilla on Windows 2008 server and everytime I connect remotely to the server, the FileZilla Server Interface window comes up. I do not want this and want to double click on the desktop icon instead when I need it. I cannot find any settings to disable this.
21 Jun 2011 15:31

Problem with Global pre-paid calling card

I bought a global international calling card to talk to my family abroad and got cut off during the conversation. When I made the call, I had £3.50 left but when we got cut off, I was promted that I had £3.00 now remaining. I waited like 3 mins before I call again but I got a message saying that I do not have sufficient funds to make that call. So I just lost £3, isn't that a rip off?
20 Jun 2011 18:59

What can you do with Zenno Poster software?

I've heard that you can do all your SEO tasks with that program. Is that true?
20 Jun 2011 18:56

How to stop FileZilla from storing my passwords?

When connecting to my server for ftp purposes, FileZilla tends to store my passwords as plain text in xml configuration files like sitemanager.xml or bookmarks.xml. Is there a way to stop it from doing that, I'd rather enter the passwords each time I connect.
20 Jun 2011 18:54

Fixing a blocked water pipe caused by trapped air

Having read the suggestion of using a hoover to create a low pressure to suck the water out, I just tried it and it worked in seconds. I took care not to get water in the hoover. My taps are such that it is difficult to attach hose pipes etc.

05 Oct 2013 10:09

Fixing a blocked water pipe caused by trapped air

I did the same. Brilliant.

05 Oct 2013 10:09

How to pass your driving test?

My instructor says we get judge on our overall performance not how perfect we drive, is that true or not? If yes, why do they fail for slight little things?

26 Sep 2013 11:39

How to avoid speeding fines

Hi, if I get a fixed penaty notice and produce within the seven days also pay the fine, what happens if the police take my licence and it gets mislaid or lost, then the FPN want me to get a new one, what happens then?

26 Sep 2013 11:38

Insurance Write Off

I crashed into another car at an angle of perhaps up to 40 degrees and insurers repair shop advises me that repair costs exceed value of car (nearly 10 years old). Airbags did not activate, car always serviced by main dealer, and would dearly love to hear your thoughts about it.

26 Sep 2013 11:38

Applying for your first provisional driving licence

I had a provisional car licence at 17 but never converted it into a full one. I have just applied to have it reissued as I want to get a moped / light motorbike. When I originally applied (15 yrs ago) mopeds & motorbikes were not included automatically.

26 Sep 2013 11:38

Driving Without MOT

Although I had car insurance my mot had expired, the week of the accident I was to have the car serviced is this enough to make it possible for the insurance company to do what it's paid for?

24 Sep 2013 19:16

Extended Driving Test

I passed my driving test in 1987 but got banned and need to do an extended re-test. Not a problem but when i do the new test will I be entitled to drive all the categories as per my old licence.

24 Sep 2013 19:16

Cancelling your car insurance when you no longer need it

My car insurance was cancelled as I missed a payment (redundancy) now I'm having a nightmare trying to get insurance from anyone. They will accept me if I pay the yearly amount, but I can only afford monthly. Anyone know a company I can try?

24 Sep 2013 19:16

Losing your licence on medical grounds

What can you do if a driver is on 12 month provisional licence due to epilepsy, has had 3 fits, one while driving, and been in hospital, but won't disclose the information incase she loses her licence

24 Sep 2013 19:16

Driving Without Insurance

I had an accident in my sisters car, her insurance covered any driver (me) but the insurance ran out at 12 noon on that day and the accident took place at 12.20. It was not my fault, I have witnesses and her car is now written off. what can I do????

24 Sep 2013 19:16

Change Address on Driving Licence - Why You Should Do It!

I moved house about a year and a half ago and didn't (not on purpose) notify the DVLA on my logbook. I have since had a parking ticket and, possibly, speeding (37ish in a 30) fine. I have just taxed my car again and noticed the old address. Am I in trouble?

24 Sep 2013 16:26

Provisional Car Insurance

I got a car for my birthday but only have a provisional license for me to practice - if I get insured on my provisional is that enough for me to drive the car with a qualified driver or does the car need other insurance?

24 Sep 2013 16:14

What to do if you have a car accident

My husband is a named driver on my policy. He had a crash which was his fault and we claimed on my insurance. Does this claim on my policy go under my name or his name when we re-new?

24 Sep 2013 16:14

Driving Without MOT

I didn't realise my mot expired - until a 3rd paty hit my car - went through paper work at that time - did inform police - would this cause points on licence

24 Sep 2013 15:46

Insurance Write Off

I bought a car that was a insurance write off unknowingly the seller would not refund me and the car had to be scrapped what can I do about it, they claimed the insurance back on while it was still taxed when I went to register it dvla wanted to send it

24 Sep 2013 15:46

Hit and Run Accidents & Laws

My dog was hit by a car, the driver did not stop at the scene of the accident; he was speeding in a 30 MPH road and his speed was approx 70MPH. It took the police several weeks to trace the driver, he was only given a warning for not stopping.

24 Sep 2013 15:46

Driving licence when over 70

What can I drive on B+E licence when over 70 years old?

23 Sep 2013 17:47

EU certificate of conformity

How do I get a C.O.C for a ford explorer to move to France?

23 Sep 2013 17:47

What to do if you have a car accident

I've just had an accident I've no licence or insurance but swapped details what shall I do? Shall I go and hand myself at the police station?

23 Sep 2013 17:47
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