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Top 10 complaints against driving instructors

My instructor done and said the same thinks like to you Anonymous. Since I booked my practical test he is rude to me and he is highlighting my mistakes after all his negative criticism. He was okay in the beginning never said to me negative comments as he does now. I am driving with him since August 2014 and he told me I can book my test at December. But Then he changed his mind as he said as I m going for holiday that's taking out some time so I should book in January. In January he said I should wait until February just to be sure in the driving... I booked my test for 2nd march he told me just before to change it as "You not ready yet". So I changed for 31st march the test date. he is very rude to me while I m driving with his negative comments. right if I make mistake he should tell me how should I do it correctly instead to highlight the mistake and make it big deal. He doesn't motivate me with this. I told him to correct me...but instead he shouted at me. I told him I lost my confident after this and he said some jokes and "oh you can operate the car but you need more practice" Next lessons asked me to do reverse into road and I only done it once I had no practice as every time I asked him to practice he said "don't worry about it more important to driving in traffic" so he asked to do reverse into road and I went to the curb a little and he was angry at me and shouted it is my memory not working well and I should know that now. I asked him to talk me trough of it and I did it right. Then I wanted to repeat again without his help just to practice then he didn't let me he said " it's unnecessary".
The lesson finished after 45 minute and he told me loudly "you not Ready" " You must change the test date for few more weeks later" He knock down my confident but the last lesson I felt I m driving confident I knew what I was doing and I didn't do any mistakes but he said I looked confused and I should book more lessons. I told him I have to discuss that with my partner as I drove 49 lessons and I feel ready. He said " go ahead and talk but you not going anywhere with it. 2 days later he text me he is not going to give me his car for the test he thinks is dangerous to do so and he will refund my next booked lesson and he wants me to let him know my decision.
I am very upset and I feel he want to ripping me off. I would like to know where could I make a complain about him coz I don't think he is right. I already booked an other instructor just to get his opinion.

16 Mar 2015 02:17
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