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Is the named driver's licence required if the policyholder has an accident?

Usually the driver who was involved in the accident may be required to provide details of their licence by either the police or the insurance company. So this sounds a bit dodgy. The only thing I can think of is the insurance company is trying to make sure all details provided on the insurance policy are correct before going ahead with the claim. In case they find the named driver did not have a licence, they could invalidate the claim and not pay out. However this is just my opinion, you are better off speaking to your friend to see why your licence is being requested.

19 Apr 2017 17:11

PNC on sold car

When you sell a vehicle, you (the owner) must send Section 1 - 8 to DVLA. The buyer only gets Section 10 to be able to tax the vehicle. See this link for more info.

You could:

  1. Try to explain the situation to the DVLA and send the picture you took
  2. Or speak to the older brother of your friend and get him to pay the fine
  3. Or pay the fine yourself (it's usually 50% off if you pay within 14 days)

At the end of the day, it was your responsibility to send the registration form to DVLA and the penalty is the result of not knowing the procedure.

What is more important for you to do is notify DVLA that you have sold the car to avoid future problems.

03 Apr 2017 11:39

How can I return a product to B&Q if I've lost the receipt?

Yep, you can.

I bought 2 angle brackets from B&Q before which were around £8.50 for the pair. Back home when I tried them, it was not working as I expected. So I decided to return them.

One week later, when I finally found the time to go back to B&Q, I couldn't find the receipt. I looked everywhere, checked every pocket and bags but it was no where to be found. I was doing a lot of DIY and it probably got misplaced I think.

Anyway, I went onto Internet Banking and printed out transactions for the last 2 weeks. At the return/exchange counter, I told the lady I lost my receipt and she said she would be able to find the transaction by looking up the date they were purchased against the barcode of the items. I didn't really need the bank statement but I think it was very helpful to prove I did actually make the purchase at that particular store.

I got my money back on the bank card I used. So don't worry about the receipt, just bring the product back and you'll get your refund.

28 Nov 2016 17:36

A Life Lesson

I think the lesson to learn here is to accept your current circumstances and be happy with whatever you have in the present. Most people live in hope that if this or that happen in the future, then it will make them happy. It's like playing the lottery, you think if you win an enormous amount of money, you'll be happier than you are now. Truth is money will buy you some happiness for a short while but in the end, if you were not happy in the inside, you'll come back to your normal state of being unhappy.

My experience is that sometimes you think you want something real bad but deep down you don't really. It's difficult to differentiate between the signal of the heart and the trick the mind is playing to make you believe you genuinely want something.

If what you were waiting for didn't happen, then it was never meant to be. Maybe there's something else planned for you - it's waiting for you to come to realisation of it first. What do you think?

04 Feb 2015 01:24

DVLA medical urine sample test?

I don't think you need to do this right in front of the doctor. You'll probably be asked to empty your pockets or similar procedures to ensure you're not passing someone's else urine sample as your own. Then you'll be asked to provide a urine sample in a private area whilst the doctor is waiting for you outside.

They cannot force you to do this in front of someone, it's against your rights.

14 Jan 2015 14:45

Someone parked their car in front of my house and blocked my driveway!!!

It happened to me once as well - I came back from work and found a car parked in front of my house blocking access to my driveway. I was furious and was hoping the driver was around and would see I couldn't get in and would move their car but that wasn't the case. I was able to squeeze through to get on the driveway but it was a really tight squeeze and I was not very happy about doing this. It was cold and I didn't want to move my car once the inconsiderate driver move theirs though.

Anyway, the law doesn't help much in these situations. Here's why:

  1. If someone is blocking you from accessing your driveway, the police will not help. If they are preventing you from getting out, then they will deal with it.
  2. If you damage the car in any way, you will be liable for it. You can even be prosecuted for placing a note on their windscreen apparently.
  3. You can get the car towed away but that will cost you £250, money you may not recover from the third party.

I actually wrote a note which read "Next time please don't block my driveway, thanks!" and placed on the car's windscreen. However I saw some people outside their house some 30 metres away and I went and asked them whether they knew whose car it was and it turned out it was for one of them. She said she was meant to park there for 5mins but lost track of time in her conversation with her friend and moved her car.

What I realised is from the moment I saw the car blocking my driveway, I became really agitated. I couldn't think of anything apart from how to get rid of that car. The anger took control of me and I couldn't think straight anymore.

There wasn't much that could be done (even the law is not with you in this case) and although it is normal for someone to feel their rights have been snatched because this is private property which you own, if you look at it from a different perspective, you'll see you can avoid all that grief.

Ego is a huge problem and it's selfish. Without ego, you cannot claim you have rights over something and if that is understood, life becomes stress free.

03 Jan 2015 14:15

Can i insure a car as a learner with a named driver on it.

  1. You can insure a car even if you're just a learner (as long as you've got your provisional licence) but the premiums will be quite high
  2. Named drivers do not have many restrictions on them, it's the main driver/policyholder who has to be the registered keeper to keep insurers happy
  3. Someone who is banned is not insured anymore because their licence has become invalid; you can certainly insure your husband's car but you may need to get the registration certificate transferred to your name

Hope that helps.

05 Oct 2014 02:52


What's your question about?

03 Oct 2014 11:47

Paying off loan as registered keeper but not legal owner

As long as there's outstanding finance, the car belongs to the finance company. Once that is paid, ownership will automatically be transferred to your mum.

Maybe in 2 years' time, you'd have already reconciled with your mum but if that doesn't happen and she claims ownership of the car, you'd still be able to show you've been paying towards the debt through the direct debit.

Now it can be a stressful process to prove and reach a settlement where you're considered a co-owner since your mum has paid for 2 years and you've paid 3 years and if you're not able to buy your mum's share of the car (the would-be-then value of the vehicle), then it would need to be sold and the money divided between the two of you. You will have to get a solicitor involved as well.

So maybe the best solution would be to ask her to give you the money you've paid towards the car and hand the vehicle over to her.

25 Sep 2014 01:47

Can someone else teach my partner to drive in my car?

Yes they can.

However, if the supervisor needed to take control of the vehicle at any point, then they would need to be insured on it as well. For example, if the learner was unable to drive back home because he was too nervous of the traffic at peak hours, the supervisor is not allowed to just hop into the driver's seat unless he was covered by a valid car insurance policy.

20 Aug 2014 00:55

Medical exam for high risk offenders

You will need to give a sample of blood and sometimes they ask for urine specimen as well. There's an interview with the GP and a physical examination too.

There are some good suggestions in this post, so read them carefully and hopefully you're going to find something which can help you.

06 Jun 2014 02:01

Leasing company not allowing me to be registered keeper unless I'm the owner

Sometimes the terminology used in the lease agreement can be confusing and that they are essentially trying to tell you is that they (The Lease Company) will be the sole owner of the car until the finance is paid out in full.

However, you as the lessee, will in no doubt be required to be the registered keeper so as offences can be sent to you. Many insurance companies will require you to be the registered keeper as well.

I'd probably clarify these things with them but in case they want to maintain their stand on being the registered keeper, then you can get insured at different places like Directline which understands these circumstances imposed by the lease company.

Different companies operate differently unfortunately.

05 Apr 2014 13:37

applying for return of revoked license help

Okay, so you've got 6 points on your licence now but your licence may have been revoked for health reasons. So the best thing to do is to get in touch with DVLA (on their general enquiry line) and ask them about the status of your driving licence. They will be able to tell you whether you're currently banned and/or whether they require clearance from your GP before you're allowed to drive again.

Once you get confirmation from them on where you stand, then it'll be easier to know what your next move should be :)

04 Feb 2014 01:16

Both mom and dad on the log book but they are now divorced

The log book (V5C registration certificate) does not confirm ownership of the vehicle. It just tells who the registered keeper is. And in most cases, only the name of one person should be listed not now but some people use the first line for firstname to put one full name (eg husband) and the second line for surname to put the second full name (eg wife).

Anyway, coming back to your question, if the finance was in your dad's name only, then he will be able to sell the car. What I mean by this is if your dad has a sales receipt which shows his name printed on, then it is proof he is the owner regardless of what the log book says.

However, with divorce comes the splitting of possession between husband and wife and car is an asset too but that's another discussion...

21 Jan 2014 23:14

Keeping NCD with no car

With short term policies, you do not get any no claims benefits. So insuring your friend's car for a day or a month won't make any difference.

What you'll have to do is just before the end of the 2 year period (say 1 year 11 months), you have to get an annual car insurance policy in your name to prevent losing your previous NCB. There's no other way around this I'm afraid.

21 Jan 2014 23:04

License revoked for smoking weed and now need to do DVLA urine test

Within 2 weeks of sending off your application to DVLA, you should get an appointment for the medical test. However, this may be delayed sometimes as they need to get hold of your GP who needs to find a suitable time to get you in for the test. So at most give it 4 weeks and if you don't hear anything, then contact DVLA to stir things up.

Here are some great tips to pass the medical test.

05 Jan 2014 09:56

Is there a time limit to apply for your licence after ban has expired?

There's no time limit to re-apply but you cannot drive before you get your licence back. Most people are eager to get back to driving and therefore get in touch with DVLA as soon as their ban is over.

In your case, I suggest you fill in the D1 Form (Application for New Driving Licence), available at the Post Office, and send it off to DVLA if you want to get behind the wheels again. Once that is done, you will be able to drive on these conditions.

05 Jan 2014 09:43

Drove mistakenly up a no car lane, buses and taxi only in newcastle in my motability car

If the restriction was at all times (24/7) or you were driving in it during its hours of operation, you could have been caught by a camera for which you would be sent a fixed penalty notice.

However if signage was not right, you could argue your case. Check this article on bus lane penalty which contains information on how to appeal against the fine.

31 Dec 2013 09:53

What is my purpose in life? Why do I exist?

Each one of us has the capability to make a difference in the world. Some people devote their life fighting for a cause, eg eradicate poverty. They've found their purpose.

Other people work as comedians and on top of making a living, they're happy they are able to cheer people up as life is stressful as it is. Some may do voluntary work, cleaning up their neighbourhood or teaching children with special needs. They are helping to make the society better.

Since we live in a society, there are certain norms and we are expected to do certain things. It doesn't mean we have to do them. If you don't want to get married, then you're going to be unhappy if you do. Do things you truly want from the bottom of your heart, what makes you happy.

Try to help others along the way. You don't need to devote your whole life to a good cause. You can still have your own life, live it the way you want as long as you're not hurting anyone. You have a notion of what's good and what's bad, stay away from the bad and you'll be doing only good.

When you can help someone in need, don't hesitate. That's the beauty of goodness.

If your purpose is still not clear, maybe you need to clear your mind a bit. There may be too many things going on in your head, your vision may be impaired. Try to meditate. Stop the thoughts and listen to your heart. See what makes you happy and how you can spread that happiness to others. There, you'll find your purpose.

30 Dec 2013 23:11

Why does God let bad things happen to good people?

I remember something I've read on a website:

A man walks into a hospital and hears a woman screaming in pain. He is outraged by the people outside her room because they are chatting and laughing and don't seem bothered by her agony. He shouts at them but is then told they are her family and she is having a baby which explains why they are happy.

The moral of the story is if we know the reason for the suffering of others, then we can no longer be compassionate.

If you see a man sleeping on the pavement in the cold but know he used to beat his wife a lot before, are you going to feel sorry for him? You won't because you already know he's being punished for his mistakes. He's paying for his bad karma and that's a good enough reason for us to ignore his pain.

The moment we can explain why bad things are happening to people, we are satisfied. We can walk away without feeling an ounce of regret, without any sympathy. He deserves it, good for him!

But when the reasons are not known and we see suffering, we are touched. It hurts us. We don't want others to suffer. We want to be able to do something for them, to alleviate their pain.

And that's what we should do nevertheless. Instead of searching for reasons why bad things are happening, we should just help however and whenever we can. The reason may or may not be justified, it does not matter though because the pain is real.

Maybe God sent us to make their pain a bit less...

30 Dec 2013 22:47

Why is it so easy to point out mistakes in others than recognising goodness?

Whenever someone does something stupid, people are quick to ridicule that person. If it was something bad (from a society's view), people do not waste time to judge. However, when there's an act of goodness, if there's recognition at all, the crowd is always smaller. Why is that in your opinion?

30 Mar 2014 23:54

What's your greatest fear in life?

I should probably start by telling you mine - what frightens me the most is to be living alone and not being able to look after myself when I'm sick or when I'm too old.

It comforts me to know there are people around me who will take care of me if something bad was to happen to me but to think that I'm by myself and a situation arises where I cannot take care of myself gets me really anxious.

18 Mar 2014 01:31

Is the Uber app a threat to UK taxi drivers?

The Uber smartphone application allows any driver to earn money for picking up passengers at a requested place and dropping them at their specified destination. The drivers themselves do not take money from the passengers but instead the app collects money for the booking that is made through it.

This is already in use in London city, so do you think it has the potential to put taxis and minicab drivers out of business?

16 Dec 2013 13:25

Should Britain update its road signs as proposed by the EU to allow newer cars to read them?

Basically they want us to have the same signs as in France and Germany. New cars which will be manufactured are likely to have sensors which will process the traffic signs and communicate what they mean to the driver and that should prevent accidents. But to do that, we need to use standard signs.

Do you think it's worth changing our roads for this?

PS : Volvo and Ford already have some models which can read european road signs.

07 Dec 2013 16:05

Getting added to facebook groups without my permission

I have noticed that I'm getting added to facebook groups that I've never heard of without having accepted any requests. When I checked the groups, there was nothing that I was particularly interested in and I didn't want to be part of that group anyway. I've had to click on the link for "Leave this group" so that I'm no longer part of the group.

To me it's a sort of spam which facebook needs to fix. I don't like the idea that anyone who I'm friends with can just add me to some weird and random group without my authorisation.

Is there a feature to block this?
28 Aug 2011 15:21

Brown slime in hot water tank in loft

I went in the attic to have a look at the cold and hot water tanks and noticed that the hot water tank had some brown slime at the bottom and along the sides. It looks like like a gooey paste and it makes me feel sick that this dirty water is being fed in my hot water cylinder (not that I drink from the hot water tap but it just feels disgusting).

Now I don't have a lid for the hot water tank in the loft but I have covered it with a plastic sheet to stop dust and other things from getting into it. What is that brown slime thing and how to get rid of it?
21 Aug 2011 17:55

Installating wordpress with softaculous takes a lot of disk space

I've noticed that when I install Wordpress with the one-click installation software Softaculous, it takes more disk space than it should. If I do it manually, wordpress only takes about 10-11Mb but with Softaculous, it takes around 40Mb.

I'm on a shared hosting package with limited disk space, so this is causing a problem for me. I'd rather do it with the one click install software as it saves me time. Any suggestions?
15 Aug 2011 12:13

Does the ping command to check response time of a website always work?

I usually use the ping command [ping] to see how long it takes for a website to respond but sometimes it just does not work. Why would that be?
18 Jul 2011 16:36

How do I view my sub domain stats in Google Webmaster Tools?

I have a website in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and I've already verified it as well. However I cannot see the stats for its subdomain though. Stats for is showing but I cannot see anything for
18 Jul 2011 16:29

Top 10 complaints against driving instructors

The purpose of intensive driving courses is to cram in as much driving practice as possible. You should really change instructors as this one is not being professional at all.

01 Sep 2016 00:25

Foreign drivers can get temporary car insurance now

Thank you for taking the time to provide an update on this policy. I have now updated the article with your feedback.

15 Jul 2016 18:02

My 4hr Shift Volunteering at Tesco Supermarket to Collect Food Items for Charity

Hi Maria,

I guess I felt people judging me and at the very core my ego is still very strong, something which I need to get rid of. Hopefully through persistence and awareness, I'll be able to let go.

Thanks for dropping by :)

12 Dec 2014 02:24

Acts of Kindness - How a Friend Helped me During a Time of Need

I'm sure you don't want me as your driver, I'm really bad with directions :p

Kindness is contagious - you cannot experience it without passing it round :)

31 Oct 2014 00:57

How early can I get my licence back after driving ban

You've already waited 14 months, why risk it now?

05 Apr 2014 13:25

Halal Car Insurance

The business has closed down.

05 Jan 2014 10:09

Laid up car insurance

Yep, it has to be insured.

31 Dec 2013 10:45

NHS Car Leasing

Which places have you tried?

29 Dec 2013 14:38

NHS Car Leasing

It should be possible but you need to speak to the insurer first.

29 Dec 2013 14:37

NHS Car Leasing

Ask your manager, they would know better.

29 Dec 2013 14:36

Hit and Run Accidents & Laws

If you have the reg number, then you should definitely sue the offender.

28 Dec 2013 14:10

Car insurance for foreign licence holders

Difficult to tell without knowing the specifics such as where the licence was obtained from, whether there are any driving convictions, how long the licence was held etc.

Your best bet is to use a car insurance comparison website first.

28 Dec 2013 11:56

Extended Driving Test

No, all previous entitlements are lost. You will need to pass the test for each additional category you want included on your licence afterwards.

28 Dec 2013 11:15

Extended Driving Test

It means you can apply for a provisional licence after the 12 months ban term is over and you can only start driving again after completing the extended test.

28 Dec 2013 11:14

Extended Driving Test

Are you looking for insurance to learn to drive in a private car?

28 Dec 2013 11:13

Extended Driving Test

To ride a 125cc, you need to complete a CBT and you require that even if you have a full car licence.

28 Dec 2013 11:12

Extended Driving Test

Yep, the disqualification automatically cancels all previous entitlements. You start back at zero.

28 Dec 2013 11:08

Extended Driving Test

Yep, it's nearly double the price for the standard test.

28 Dec 2013 11:02

1 Month Car Insurance

We only offer advice, we don't sell any products.

21 Dec 2013 15:29

16 year olds would be allowed to drive legally on UK roads

Definitely, car insurance companies do not like young drivers as it is, so an even lower age group will mean even higher premiums.

21 Dec 2013 14:19

Cancelled order, refund received and they still delivered the item!!! Really?

Few weeks ago, I ordered something online expecting it to be delivered within 7 working days. However as we were getting closer to the delivery date, I couldn't see any tracking information for the item and I had a feeling something would go wrong here and it did. I didn't get my delivery on time and I contacted customer support who told me they would chase up on this. The way the company works is that they forward orders to another company/manufacturer and the latter does the shipping. Custom...
20 Aug 2016 03:00

My 4hr Shift Volunteering at Tesco Supermarket to Collect Food Items for Charity

When I found out FareShare was organising a Neighbourhood Food Collection, I thought it was a great fit for the 5 volunteering challenges I was tackling in November this year. So I got myself enrolled for two shifts at Tesco Metro in Luton, one on Friday the 28th from 6-9pm and the other on Saturday the 29th from 12-3pm. However things did not go as planned because on that Friday, I realised the Tesco Metro was only open till 7pm, something the organisers did not pick up on. I tried to get an...
08 Dec 2014 03:00

How I Set Out To Help The Elderly in My Neighbourhood

Among the 5 good deeds I wanted to do for the month of November, one of them was to help older people in my area. When I think about parents who are sent to care homes when they are old, it makes me sad. I know it's difficult to care for them when they hit a certain age and are unable to do the basic tasks themselves but still thinking those are the same people who looked after you since you were a baby and when it's payback time, they are sent to live a lonely life away from their family, it ju...
25 Nov 2014 03:00

Fixing Car Key Fob Which Has Stopped Locking and Unlocking Suddenly

When I lost my vehicle in the car park, I was pressing the lock/unlock key many times to help me locate the car. Maybe that caused the battery to drain, I'm not 100% sure but I know it was at that time my car remote stopped working. I needed to get a replacement battery so I opened the remote fob and took out the battery - it was a 3V lithium battery (2016). I paid £4.99 for a pair of these batteries at Sainsburys and they were probably expensive because they were of Duracell brand. I'm sure ...
23 Nov 2014 03:00

How I Could Not Remember Where I Parked At The Mall Luton Car Park

I had an appointment to give blood at Luton Donor Centre and I thought it would be easier if I park in The Mall Shopping Centre. It was a Saturday afternoon and therefore the multi storey car park was busy and I had to go to the higher levels to find a free parking spot. I noted it was one floor below the roof and I was parked very close to the ramp going down. After the appointment, I spent some time shopping before going home. When I was ready, I paid my parking fee inside the shopping cent...
23 Nov 2014 03:00

My Day Volunteering to Help Out At A Local Community Centre

I was really looking forward to help out at a local event in my neighbourhood and when I found out that Grovehill Community Centre in Hemel Hempstead were organising a Pre-Xmas event on 08 Nov 2014 and were looking for volunteers to assist them on the day, I immediately got in touch with them as that was one of the things on my TODO list for this month. This was going to be a first time for me and I didn't really know what to expect. A couple of days before the event, I received a call from Vik...
23 Nov 2014 03:00

11 Random Acts of Kindness I've Done Which Didn't Take a Lot of Time And Money

You don't need to spend money to do good deeds. It's all about giving up your time, which is the most precious thing you possess. So here's a list of the 11 random things I've done recently. 1. Dropped my friend to his work place He works from 3pm to 11pm but cannot sleep until it's like 5am, so he's always waking up late and has to get a taxi to get to work (costs him £5). I offered to drop him a couple of times and he really appreciates it. 2. Bought my house mate her favourite beverage ...
16 Nov 2014 03:00

My First Time Giving Blood To Save A Life

I must admit I've been scared to donate blood before, not because I was worried it might be a risk to my health but because I thought I'd probably faint after the blood is taken away from me. I'm a thin guy and it's been stuck in my mind that if I lose a significant amount of blood in any way, that would cause me to faint. Anyway as part of my 5 challenges for good causes, I thought it was time to face my fear and save a life along the way. The Journey I registered myself as a donor on blood...
15 Nov 2014 03:00

5 Challenges I'm Doing for Good Causes This November

I want to do something different this month. I want to bring a change to my routine. I want to make a difference to other people's lives. So I decided I will give my time to help others - I will volunteer for good causes and here are the things I'll try to complete by the end of November 2014. Assisting at an Event in the Local Community Centre It turns out the Grovehill Community Centre in Hemel Hempstead are holding a pre-christmas event to raise money for charity on Nov 8. It is a whole d...
09 Nov 2014 03:00

Helping the Homeless by Giving Food, Clothes and Just Being a Good Listener

So after my first time sock mobbing in London and speaking to the homeless people we met on the streets, I knew exactly what they needed. So I bought all the things I've been asked for, such as thermals and toiletries. The Things I Brought Along Thermal underwears (2 Long Johns for men and one legging for women) Toiletries (3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash and toothpaste/toothbrush) Mars Chocolates Hot Coffee in my thermal flask with a couple of polystyrene cups The Mobbers aka Th...
28 Oct 2014 03:00

30 Days Challenge - Giving Up Smoking!

I hate smoking, I really do. Still I don't seem to be able to quit! I've actually identified two reasons for my addiction; that's the correct term if I'm being honest with myself but more on that later. What I wanted to talk about is the 30-day challenge I decided to embark on which has a lot to do with all the publicity on the radio and TV regarding Stoptober, an initiative by the NHS to help people quit smoking. The name is an abbreviation of the words "Stop" and "October" as the stop smoking ...
27 Oct 2014 03:00

My 19 Minutes Meditation on my Chair at my Computer Desk

Back from food shopping and waiting for a text message from a friend to confirm where we’ll be meeting, I decided to do a little bit of meditation. The good thing about meditation is you don’t need any special equipment or have to be in a specific place, you can do it wherever you want. As I close my eyes and lay my hands on my thighs, I started thinking about all sorts of stuff. The mind is like a wild horse which you have to tame to calm it down, otherwise crazy thoughts are going to take ...
19 Oct 2014 03:00

Random Act of Kindness for Colleagues at Work

I thought I would take inspiration from the internet to see what other people have been doing for good deeds and I stumbled upon one where someone put a 5 dollar note in a plastic bag with a little message and stuck that on a public vending machine. This is something very easy to do, doesn't involve much money and is bound to put a smile on someone else's face - it was perfect for me to try at work. However the company I work for is rather small, around 30 employees, and we do not have a vend...
16 Oct 2014 03:00

Volunteering for The Sock Mob Evening Out to Help the Homeless

I do not like the cold; my body just cannot take it. At home, as soon as the temperature drops by even a tiny amount, the heater is on. I cannot even think how people are able to sleep on the streets, especially in winter. I know they don’t really have a choice and that makes me sad for their circumstances and grateful for mine. Therefore I decided to join The Sock Mob to see how I can help. It was a good match for me as you can volunteer whenever you are able to and they have events at leas...
07 Oct 2014 03:00

5 Important Tips When Buying a Used Car Without a Mechanic

Unless you have a very good understanding of how cars work, it is preferable you take a mechanic with you when going to see a used car you’re planning on buying. However this is not always practical because it can cost a lot of money. The AA charges £142 for a vehicle inspection but you can get a local mechanic do the necessary checks for you for around £80. Still, it’s very rare you’ll be purchasing the first car you see and on average people look at 4 cars before making their final decision, s...
29 Sep 2014 03:00

Acts of Kindness - How a Friend Helped me During a Time of Need

When I decided to return to the UK in January 2014, I asked a friend of mine whether he would be able to help me with the move and he said yes. Here are some of the things he did for me: Paid a bill of £600 on my behalf because I did not have any funds in the UK at that time Offered to let me stay in his house for a couple of weeks rent free Let me borrow his car to go see my family Took me several times to see people who were selling cars when I told him I was planning to buy one. He even dro...
27 Sep 2014 03:00

My Good Deed of the Day - Supporting Enham Trust Lloyds Bank Community Fund by Tweeting

This is the email that got forwarded to me from one of our clients. Good morning, Enham Trust have been shortlisted with three other organisations to receive funds from the local Lloyds Bank Community Fund. Please could you take a > minute to support us? -it only takes a very short time to complete your vote! and please share this with your friends and colleagues? We are currently second in the table. We could receive £3000, or £500 depending on the vote. As an example of w...
26 Sep 2014 03:00

Act of Goodness - Donating to Macmillan Coffee Morning

A few weeks ago, a company email was sent round informing us we'd be participating in the Macmillan Coffee Morning which aims to raise money to provide better care and improve the lives of people affected by cancer. We were asked if any of us or our partners could bake some cakes but that's not something I was able to do. So today, the fundraising event was taking place at Grovesnor Road in St Albans in the building where our company is located and it was going to be between 10-11am. I have a...
25 Sep 2014 03:00

Act of Kindness - Rescuing a Helpless Bird from the Street

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was going for my regular walk during my lunch time. I noticed a very strange ball on the corner of the pavement. I was curious. I looked closely and it was a bird, still young as it had yellow plumage. I realised it had fallen out of its nest because it was a bit windy. I wasn't sure what to do so I picked it up and put it up on a wall behind branches to protect it from the wind and to let it stay warm. I continued my walk but couldn't stop thinking about th...
17 Sep 2014 03:00

My Review of the Book - How to Win Friends and Influence People

Before I read the book, I was very sceptical because of the words "influence people" which lead you to believe there's some sort of manipulation going on. I didn't like the idea of (probably) forcing people do things I wanted but still I decided to give the book a try. What I later found out is that the only way to influence people is by making them want to do the things you'd like them to do which is adequately described by the author, Dale Carnegie. There are 30 rules you need to be aware o...
16 Apr 2014 03:00