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Not the registered keeper of the car but can I sell it

This is a tricky situation as you will need proof that you have paid for the car even though the loan was not in your name. I would suggest you gather evidence that you paid for it and ask the DVLA for help, they should be able to help become the registered keeper, then you can sell it.
17 May 2012 17:16

Can you be the registered keeper on 2 cars?

You should be able to but I'm not sure if you would need two different insurance providers instead of the same one?
17 May 2012 17:12

My Son ended a 6 month ban for speeding in March 2012 and is finding it difficult to get Insurance.

How old is your son? He may be rejected because of his age if he is young, a quick search on a comparison website will save you the hassle of ringing up everywhere. If you still have no luck then like gices suggested you may need to find a specialist car insurer
17 May 2012 17:11

i am having problems applying enough pressure to the handbrake to hold it on hills because of problems with hands

I would suggest a visit to a mechanic or car repair shop, if the handbrake is faulty you will need to pay for a new one. If you are still having problems then it may be with your hands so you will need to seek help from your doctor. Remember if it is health related you will need to inform the DVLA.
17 May 2012 17:07

Even with Pass Plus my quotes are high, which insurance will give me cheaper quotes?

You really should have saved yourself the hassle by checking beforehand if you actually save money by doing the course. Where are you getting these quotes from? Other than getting a small car the only other thing you can do is try and have an additional driver this sometimes helps drive down the quote.
17 May 2012 16:57

Does car insurance get cheaper when you do pass plus?

£2500 is a lot to insure a car, my partners first car cost the same but when I was added to the policy the quote halved! Having a an additional driver who is female sometimes works.

Pass plus can bring the quote down but not that much, also what car are you trying to insure it may be small but is it classed as a boy racer car?
01 Mar 2012 19:05

Does anyone know of a cheaper car insurer i can transfer my current insurer too? my current insuere is too expersive £250 per month.

£250 expensive? Try paying double that for a small Nissan Micra with 3 years no claims. Is it comprehensive or just third party? What car are you trying to insure?

Go to the comparison websites and try and get the quote lower, you can also increase your excess to bring the annual premium down.
01 Mar 2012 19:02

Can I insure my 2006 Ford Ka for laid up Insurance

Yes this sounds about right, there are other insurance companies that also do laid up car insurance such as direct line and sheilas wheels.
01 Mar 2012 18:56

Brown slime in hot water tank in loft

I'm not sure what it is but I know that its not good and the tank will need to be drained every now and then to be cleaned. This is one of the reasons why people should not drink tap water people don't realise that the tank gets dirty and the pipes are filthy.
23 Aug 2011 19:06

How to get rid of the heat inside the home during summer season?

Your only option is to open a window where the sun isn't shining so its cool air, then when the sun moves to that window close it and find another that is in the shade. If that doesn't solve the problem the only solution is to install air con but I must warn you that in this country it isn't worth it as its only hot for short bursts. I'm afraid you will need to learn to live with the heat.

Some people claim that black out curtains work as they repel the heat in the summer and keep the house warm in the winter. The only drawback to this is you need to keep the curtains closed in order for this to work. So on a nice summers day you will be sitting in a dark house whilst it is sunny outside
22 Aug 2011 18:40

How to whiten underarm, whole body and the face?

Well for the underarms it is best to stop shaving as this is the main cause of colour discolouration on that part of the body. Try waxing instead, also use a moisturising underarm perspirant. For the face you can buy creams but they are not recommended as they can prove to be more harmful than anything. There may be creams for the body too but I wouldn't advise them either.

If you are really upset and would like to seek treatment then look for a really good dermatologist, as only they can provide safe treatment
22 Aug 2011 18:36

How can I whiten my face?

If its red than you may be suffering from a condition called rosacea which basically means redness. Some people get it on the chest area, neck and back. But it is most common to appear on the face. You may need to see your GP for treatment, other than that herbal supplements may help relieve your condition. Its normal for the face to be a little red after excercising and running. The only way to even things out is to have a light tan.
Ayy Gee
22 Aug 2011 18:32

Using internet on mobile phone abroad

You no longer need to buy roaming packages when going abroad as these can cost quite a lot if you use facebook or even to check your emails. Skype has just launched a free new app that lets mobile phones users use Skype on their mobile whilst abroad for free.

But if you need it to check emails and keep up to date with stuff etc then shop around for a good deal. It may be worth switching to a different sim just to benefit for better roaming charges as most mobile phone companies are now offering to send out free sims for your custom
22 Aug 2011 18:29

How to look after your teeth properly?

Did you know that there are certain foods that can cause damage to teeth such as fizzy drinks, tea and coffee. Foods that have also been dyed can also cause damage and erosion.

Brush at least twice a day morning and evening, if you have fizzy drinks or sweets try to brush after eating them too.

Floss as much as possible, in between meals, a few times a week etc

Use an electric toothbrush, its cleaning power is much better than a manual toothbrush!

Use a good toothpaste

Try and use mouthwash everyday or at least a few times a week

Last of all go for regular check ups, twice a year if possible
22 Aug 2011 18:25

Screen protector for Nikon D5000

It depends on how much you are willing to spend, a 'designer' or well known brand can cost you up to £20 but there are others that are very cheap that do the same job. Try eBay or Amazon as you may be able to purchase as much as 6 for a few pounds. Remember to check the dimensions before ordering as they can differ in size
22 Aug 2011 18:20

Nikon 18-55mm front lens cap hood

Try contacting Nikon directly and asking them how much a replacement costs. It may be quite expensive so you might want to try the many websites that specializes in spares and replacement parts. If that also fails then try eBay or Amazon as you will that that they are also very competitive
22 Aug 2011 18:18

Problem with Global pre-paid calling card

Unfortunately global calling cards are not what they used to be. A long time ago you used to get good value for money but nowadays you will be lucky if you can get your money's worth. These cards have a connection charge also the longer you have it the less credit you have as each day your balance decreases. It would be cheaper and in most cases free to use web messaging or Skype as an alternative
22 Aug 2011 18:16

Remove wooden cladding that was put with strong adhesive

Unfortunately it will be hard to remove it all without some damage caused to the wall. Cladding is usually put up when the wall is old, unsightly or cracks and damage need to be hidden. You will need to try and remove each panel individually and carefully prying it away from the wall. Also remember that you may need to plaster the wall afterwards and some of the plaster may come off when the cladding comes off, in some cases even brickwork is exposed, take care and use gloves, eye shield and dust mask just in case you inhale some lose debris.
15 Aug 2011 20:40

Buying and insuring a cheap car

You haven't really provided much information for me to advise you. It all depends on what you mean by cheap as your age, driving history, years licence held and budget are unknown. You could get a cheap Ford Focus for £800 and pay more in car insurance if you are a young driver etc but as for insurance goes I'm sure you have heard of short term car insurance. It might be worth it as you can have a flexible contract if you are unsure when your car will be ready. As for a cheap car there are loads but it all depends on how much you want to spend, you can get really old cars such as the old Nissan Micra for under £500 but remember that it has no power steering but it is economical and the reliability factor is very good. You could even get an old Toyota they are also very reliable but then again it depends on your budget. You could speak to a mechanic as he would be able to advise you on the best 'old' car to get for temporary use.

12 Jul 2010 11:37
Nothing to show at the moment
Nothing to show at the moment

Mauritius Souvenirs

It’s hard to visit any country without bringing back a souvenir and lucky enough for tourists, Mauritius has something for everyone and all budgets. A lot of souvenirs available from Mauritius are also handmade so there are many unique pieces available to buy. As a child I used to buy souvenirs for all my friends as they had never been to Mauritius, in those days they were very cheap, I even got a Sari for a work colleague once, it was so cheap compared to England.What is nice about Mauritius is...
04 May 2013 09:48

The non drip petrol nozzle invention - A joke or a necessity?

When you go to the petrol station to fill up your car, do you find that the petrol drips from the nozzle, staining your clothes and the ground? No? Thought not, never happened to me either. I thought that it was common sense to shake the nozzle a little before taking it out completely, thus preventing any surplus petrol from dripping out the nozzle. Well someone has come up with an invention that is likely to save your clothes and the loss of half a billion litres of petrol a year. To be honest...
02 Jul 2012 03:00

The breathalyser is now part of the mandatory driving kit for France

Most tourists that drive abroad on holiday will know that all countries differ in what they expect you to carry as part of your holiday driving kit. Well France has decided to add one more item to their growing kit list - a breathalyser. Currently to drive on French roads you need to have: A luminous safety jacket A warning triangle Headlamp converters for driving on the right A GB sticker or number plate with an EU logo Unfortunately though, the French drink diving limit is 50mg of alcohol...
27 Jun 2012 03:00

Audi e-bike - The electric bicycle that can travel at 50mph with lots of gadgets

For years cyclists have taken to the roads as a way to save money on transport, not only because a bicycle is cheaper than a car but it can also beat queues of traffic. Bicycles do not require an MOT, road tax or insurance so there is less maintenance too. All you need is a helmet, a bike chain (for parking) and a spare wheel or puncture set. Well cycling is about to change as Audi has just revealed plans to launch a bicycle that could land you a speeding ticket. Using principles from motor rac...
19 Jun 2012 03:00

Petrol pump attendants are back!

Some of us may not remember the days when there were petrol pump attendants that fill up your tank for free saving you time; well now they are set to come back with Shell recruiting new staff to help customers fill up at around 300 petrol stations. A few years ago petrol stations started to put up self service petrol pumps, where you fill up and also pay at the same time. This saved motorists time so they don’t have to go into the shop to pay for their petrol. Although some people have tried it,...
04 Jun 2012 03:00

Cars that are more likely to fail their first MOT test

By law all new cars need to have their first MOT after three years, then a yearly inspection is required to make sure the car is still roadworthy. Usually when a car goes for its first MOT ever, you are under the impression that everything will go smoothly and your vehicle will pass the test with flying colours but a recent publication printed by VOSA has shocked many. Worryingly, one in five cars fail their very 1st MOT test. This really shocked me but what was even worse was that French ca...
24 May 2012 03:00

10 best selling cars in the UK for 2012

I was very surprised to hear that new car sales have risen this year by 3.3%. Actually I was a little shocked to hear that that most car sales were from private buyers. With the price of petrol and cost of living skyrocketing, I am bewildered that so many people would even think of purchasing a brand new car. Surely everyone knows that brand new cars are ridiculously overpriced? You lose thousands of pounds just by driving off the forecourt! Nearly 143,000 cars were registered this April, an...
14 May 2012 03:00

Cash for crash buses

So you’ve heard of cash for crash crimes that involve cars but now this has extended to buses as well. Scammers are now creating made up passengers to claim for compensation for injuries and stress. This crime wave is costing the economy billions every year as the majority of claims are made fraudulently. A recent case has been made public when an Audi purposely drove into the side of a bus and a total of 36 fake claims were made. The organisers of this crime are said to belong to an underwo...
08 May 2012 03:00

The Citadel Mauritius

Found atop a hill (Petite Montagne) at about 100 metres altitude is a fort called the Citadel in the city of Port Louis. Situated in a very strategic point with an open view of the harbour and the entire city of Port Louis, the Fort is also called Fort Adelaide after the wife of William 1V dating to when the British possessed the island. Designed by Colonel Cunningham, the fort was built in the beginning of the 19th century and achieved a few years later; Indian and African slaves helped in the ...
16 Apr 2011 17:53

Helicopter Tours Mauritius

One of the best ways to visit the island is by helicopter where an exceptional view of the island is offered: patches of green sugarcane fields, meandering rivers, rocky mountains, white beaches and turquoise lagoons. Everything that you see on TV becomes a reality through a helicopter tour of the island. It is without a doubt one of the best memories you will have once you get into the air at 500m altitude and cruise the island.Actually Mauritius does not possess many helicopters given that the...
12 Apr 2011 17:53

Art in Mauritius

The wonderful setting in which Mauritius is has without a doubt inspired many artists. Art is an expression of oneself, of giving vent to one’s inner feelings; this is exactly what Mauritian artists try to show in their work and this is also what has led to their successes. The works of Mauritian painters can be seen far away from Mauritius as in France, England and Germany. Famous Mauritian artists who have left their prints on the sands of time are Malcolm de Chazal, Xavier le Juge, Herve Mass...
08 Apr 2011 17:50

Mauritian Crafts

Like any other country, Mauritius has got loads of craft makers. Craft products here have a taste of the Mauritian culture in them. Items are made of corals or vacant sea shells found on the beaches; baskets and souvenirs are made of the dried Vacoas plants; jewellery cases are made of wood or bamboo; clothes are hand broidered. Everything that the island provides is turned into beautiful items by those people. And they totally love what they are doing and tend to concentrate on every detail to ...
16 Mar 2011 17:39

Horse Riding in Mauritius

The horse is an animal that is loved and admired by many people. One of the great activities that you can indulge yourself in while in Mauritius is horse riding. This is a superb opportunity to enjoy a ride on the beautiful beaches of the island or parade through the lush greeneries. All horses are imported (South Africa, Zimbabwe) and are fully trained to make them lovely creatures fully attuned to human presence. They are usually of the thoroughbred family known best for their agility and spee...
17 Feb 2011 17:52

Fauna of Mauritius

Situated in the middle of the ocean, the early animals to reach Mauritius were those that could reach the island via water or air (which explains why Mauritius does not have any big mammal like elephants and giraffes). Some birds managed to make the journey as well as some smaller organisms such as invertebrates and reptiles. Over time these animals got used to being free from larger predators and many birds evolved into being flightless while the reptiles turned into giants.Unfortunately, man’s...
16 Feb 2011 17:52

Tourism in Mauritius

Situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has always been a haven to holiday makers with its breathtaking blue waters, white sandy beaches, green sugarcane fields, all year long sunny climate and the hospitality of its multi cultural population. But over the years, as Mauritius has had to diversify from the sugar production monopolization, the government aimed at converting tourism into one of the main pillars of the economy.Over the past two centuries, tourist arrival increased from...
11 Feb 2011 17:48

Cyber City Mauritius

When the cyber city project started in 2001, the government was aiming at making ICT the 5th pillar of the economy (main pillars being sugar, tourism, manufacturing and financial services). It is located at Ebene, some 15 minutes away from the capital of Port Louis. The city spans over an area of 152 acres and looks like a modern one with picturesque buildings, patches of green, a hypermarket with food court and shops. There has also been the development of a cyber village nearby which consists ...
09 Feb 2011 17:42

Mauritian Music

The typical music of Mauritius dates from the slavery times. As music expresses one’s feelings, the Mauritian music, Sega, is the voicing out of the slaves’ suffering accented by the melodious rhythm of mainly three instruments: the ravanne, the maravanne and the triangle. Most of the slaves were of African origin and so at night time, under a roaring fire on the beach, they would let out their yearning for their home and their daily hardships. Mauritian Sega has evolved over time with more inst...
28 Dec 2010 15:27

Mauritian Cuisine

One of the most amazing things about Mauritius is the food. As the population of different ethnic groups (Africans, Indians, Chinese, French and British) had to live together, there was an interchange in culinary practices resulting in the exotic Mauritian cuisine. It is not purely Indian or African but rather a fusion of all the races that have had an impact on Mauritius. The basic ingredients of Mauritian cuisine nevertheless are tomatoes, garlic, ginger and very often chilli as well as some s...
24 Dec 2010 15:24

The Valley of Ferney Mauritius

The village of Ferney in the south east of the island holds important meaning to Mauritius as it is the area where the Dutch descended when they first discovered the island in 1598. The place contains one of the few remnants of pristine forest (good quality native forest accounting for less than 2% of total forest area) on the island with a number of endemic flora and fauna and has an amazing view of the Grand Port area and South East Mountain Ranges. In 2006, the CIEL group along with the Mauri...
20 Dec 2010 15:22

Spas in Mauritius

The word spa literally means water based treatment. This has been a major way to cure health problems worldwide and dates to very far back in the past. Spas are the ideal places to get pampered and relax after busy schedules and every day routines; they offer a wide range of services including body massages, scrubs, facials and wraps amongst others. Most of the spas in Mauritius are found in wonderful settings such as on the beaches or in gardens thus making relaxation an easy task where one can...
16 Dec 2010 15:20