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Top 10 complaints against driving instructors

Okay so I have already gone through 1 driving instructor and I'm starting to think he was better than the person I have now. She makes me run errands taking up to half an hour, she always flips out at me when I go slightly wrong, shouting at me and then a few minutes later going well you're learning faster than anyone ive ever taught and then she will start shouting because I'm going wrong againS she talks in the phone, on loud speaker talking to her boyfriend whilst they're arguing and sometimes flirting which is vulgar. She then talks to me about how she's in an abusive relationship and how she has loads of problems at home. I am doing nothing an intensive driving course and so do 4 hours a lesson for 7 days a week, and she always stops off and grabs a McDonald's or a latte from coffee #1, I once went to her accountants office and she spent half an hour signing papers having tea and having a friendly chat as they did paperwork whilst I was in the car boiling to death, needless to say I then opened the car door to breath. The only time she talks about driving is when she's shouting at me. I pay £240 for 10 hours, she does this, should I stop using her?

31 Aug 2016 21:01
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